《探索者角色扮演游戏:进阶职业指南》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide)

《探索者角色扮演游戏:进阶玩家指南》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player's Guide)
  第46页——The oracle of bones revelation summons a single Medium humanoid skeleton or zombie with a number of Hit Dice equal to your oracle level. This ability does not require a body. You may summon a bloody skeleton or fast zombie at 7th level, even though these variants are not normally legal options.
  第246页——A character who receives spiritual ally as a bonus spell (such as an oracle mystery spell or witch patron spell) may use her primary spellcasting ability score in place of her Wisdom score when calculating the spell's attack bonus.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:进阶种族指南》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Race Guide)
  第85页——In the incorruptible racial trait, replace "cast corruption resistance against evil" with "cast corruption resistance to protect against effects that harm good creatures.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:冒险者指南》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Adventure's Guide)
  第10页——An asavir's thunderous charge does not trip the asavir or her mount.
  第14页——When using spices, you may assume you started eating them any number of days before the beginning of the adventure.
  第16页——For the Improved Forceful Charge feat, the force of the bull rush attempt itself is what allows for the trip maneuver; the target does not need to be within the animal companion's reach at the end of the bull rush. For resolving any secondary attacks of the trip such as greater trip, use the target's final position after the bull rush.
  第23页——A rostland bravo treats an Aldori dueling sword as a light or one-handed piercing weapon for the purpose of all swashbuckler class abilities.
  第23页——Replace the last sentence of the sweeping wind feint ability with the following, "Once per round, after she reduces an opponent to 0 or fewer hit points, she can attempt to feint an opponent as a swift action."
  第26页——Page 26—Sirian's masterstroke functions against opponents that you have successfully feinted against via a melee attack on the same round.
  第27页——The phrase "or similar effects" in Aldori alacrity means effects that specifically say that they do not stack with haste.
  第27页——The spell contest of skill can only be cast on enemies, not allies.
  第27页——The spell tactical adaptation does not stack with other effects that grant temporary feats, such as martial flexibility and paragon surge.
  第45页——Sparkle smoke fills a 10-foot radius and persists for 1 hour.
  第53页——When using shrinewalk, the caster level of the word of recall effect is equal to the number of levels the character has in the class that granted the rogue talent.
  第58页——A runic focus cannot be enchanted. It orbits the wearer's head like an ioun stone, but cannot be socketed in a wayfinder, implanted, or otherwise removed from orbit.
  第62页——The rune of charity cannot be used to help PCs. It only applies if you are directly assisting an NPC (for example, defending an NPC from creatures that are attacking him).
  第74页——A scion of Talmandor can use Talmandor's gift once per day.
  第76页——An eagle knight's dress uniform allows the wearer to attempt an Escape Artist check to free himself as an immediate action on the round in which he is first grappled or restrained, rather than every round for the duration of the effect.
  第82页——A masked maiden's starting Gray Maiden plate sells for 14 gp.
  第84页——The Craft (alchemy) DC to create scarsalve is 20.
  第95页——Infernal arcana's replacement of the summon monster I class feature refers to the entire class feature, including the upgraded summon spells that the summoner would receive as he levels up.
  第102页——The level requirement for a student of perfection refers to the character's monk level rather than his overall character level.
  第105页——A winding path renegade selects one of the three mystery options.
  第107页——For the purpose of the monastic warden, "a site sacred to the wielder" means a site sacred to the wielder's deity or the Grand Lodge in Absalom.
  第110页——A Lantern Bearer's favored enemy stacks with levels in other classes that grant favored enemy as follows. Whenever a Lantern Bearer selects a favored enemy that she has previously selected, she increases the bonus by +2. For example, a 5th level ranger might have favored enemy +4 against aberrations and +2 against animals. After taking two levels in Lantern Bearer, she could increase her bonus against either aberrations or animals to +6 or +4, respectively, or she could select a new favored enemy to receive a +2 bonus against.
  第114页——The Craft (alchemy) DC to create lantern honey is 25.
  第121页——The embody mask ability does not grant protective aura. A druid may only emulate an outsider whose CR is less than her character level.
  第140页——For the esoteric magic ability, when determining the spell level of a spell that the PC could not cast with her base spellcasting class, use the spellcasting hierarchy from page 21 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.
  第148页——A wayfinder of hidden strength can slot one ioun stone. It cannot slot cracked or flawed stones.
  第157页——Remove the alignment restriction from mantis zealot.
  第160页——The duration of boneflense is 1 round/level or until discharged, and the spell deals 1d6 points of piercing damage per caster level (maximum 10d6).
  第164页——A Rivethun emissary selects eidolon evolutions from the unchained summoner (Pathfinder RPG Pathfinder Unchained 34), not the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide.
  第165页——The DC of the parley ability is 12+ the Rivethun emissary's Charisma modifier.
  第167页——For the purposes of its hexes, a spirit phantom's effective shaman level is equal to the spiritualist's level.
  第168页——The Craft (alchemy) DC to create anderos salve and mulibrious tincture is 20. Note that PCs may transition between genders and/or change their gender presentation without cost in Pathfinder Society.
  第168页——The Craft (alchemy) DC to create phantom ash is 20.
  第172页——An argent dramaturge can start an argent performance as a swift action starting at 7th level.
  第177页——The net that a devil catcher creates has 10 hardness and 20 hit points.
  第182页——A storm dreamer's Gozreh's domain ability grants the standard domain, not a subdomain.
  第183页——Remove the alignment restriction from tempest druid.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:怪物图鉴》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary)
  第133页——Treat a raven familiar's Skill Focus (Perception) feat as a bonus feat when determining which feats can be substituted for Extra Item Slot.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:怪物图鉴6》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 6)
  第312页——The elasmotherium animal companion's powerful charge ability deals an amount of damage equal to 2d8 + twice its Strength modifier.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:核心规则书》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook)
  第134页——Treat the prerequisite for the Spell Mastery feat as though it read "able to prepare 1st-level arcane spells or prepare 1st-level extracts." As appropriate, treat any wizard-specific language in the feat as though it referenced the equivalent language for any qualifying class (e.g. "formula book" or "familiar" instead of "spellbook" or "extract" instead of "spell").
  第348页——A character who receives spiritual weapon as a bonus spell (such as an oracle mystery spell or witch patron spell) may use her primary spellcasting ability score in place of her Wisdom score when calculating the spell's attack bonus.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:异能冒险》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Occult Adventures)
  第96页——In the reanimated medium archetype, remove the second paragraph of channel self.
  第104页——At the start of an adventure, the amnesiac counts the spells she knew at the end her previous adventure as the spells she knew the previous day for the purposes of determining which spells she retains. Determine which spells you retain at the end of an adventure and record the retained spells on your Chronicle Sheet. Have the GM initial the list of retained spells.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:探索者解放》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Pathfinder Unchained)
  第16页——A monk must be at least 18th level before selecting the empty body ki power.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:位面冒险》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Planar Adventures)
  第17页——A planar scout chooses a specific plane with her planar terrains ability, rather than a customized feature of planar geography.
  第25页——When you divert an attack to yourself with Archon Diversion, it does not automatically hit you; instead, it targets your AC.
  第27页——The staggered effect from Diabolic Style is a mind-affecting effect.
  第28页——If you have more than one tail, select one tail to receive the benefits of Grasping Tail and all feats that list it as a prerequisite.
  第33页——Spells that do not require an attack roll to hit or allow a saving throw to resist cannot be affected with Tumultuous Spell. A creature affected by a tumultuous spell stops before walking into a square that it knows is intrinsically dangerous, such as a pit or a wall of fire.
  第38页——Characters who travel to a plane with anywhere but here and do not have plane shift or another means of reliably returning to Golarion may spend 5 PP at the end of the adventure to be returned to the Grand Lodge.
  第44页——For the planewarp option in the quintessence mastery spell, use the standard rules for determining a spell's level as specified in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.
  第46页——Billowing armor makes its wearer immune to constriction, which refers to damage dealt by the constrict ability.
  第46页——Cotraveling armor cannot be used to travel to extradimensional spaces.
  第47页——Replace the middle of the last sentence of Purgatory's cowl with "the wearer can draw upon the departed creature's essence to treat her level as 2 higher for spells..."

《探索者角色扮演游戏:极限战斗》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat)
  第103页——Gunsmithing does not grant the ability to craft firearms, ammunition, or black powder. Rather, it allows the purchase of bullets, pellets, black powder, and alchemical cartridges (with 1 rank in Craft [alchemy]) at the listed price, but does not grant a discount on the purchase of any firearm. Resold items gained through this feat are worth half the actual cost paid, not half the regular market value for the item. No PC can purchase a gun without this feat, even if they possess the Amateur Gunslinger or Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearm) feats.
  第104页——A cavalier of 4th level or higher may take the Horse Master feat, ignoring the prerequisite of the expert trainer class feature. As per the cavalier's entry in Additional Resources, all cavaliers who would normally gain the expert trainer feature instead gain Skill Focus (Handle Animal). A cavalier who trades out expert trainer for another class feature as part of an archetype cannot take the Horse Master feat.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:极限装备》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment)

《探索者角色扮演游戏:极限魔法》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic)
  第233页——复活动物伙伴(Raise Animal Companion)的目标一栏,应改为「已死的动物伙伴、魔宠或者神契坐骑」。请注意,无法被死者复生复活的生物(例如异界生物)同样也无法被此法术复活。

《探索者角色扮演游戏:极限荒野》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Wilderness)
  第25页——If you purchase a breezeblown dandelion, refer to the magic plant clarifications for page 247.
  第36页——The light modifications from eclipsing rage apply after ambient and nonmagical sources, but at the same time as spells and magical light sources (including supernatural and spell-like abilities). Its effective spell level is equal to one-third of the barbarian's level.
  第45页——A saurian champion may select any dinosaur animal companion that would be available to a druid.
  第55页——A scarab stalker's crocodile sacred animal focus grants a +8 bonus on Swim checks at 15th level.
  第66页——The duration of a geomancer's terrain stride ability is 1 hour.
  第69页——The range of a treesoul's transform wood ability is touch.
  第74页——A toxic herbalist's grim harvest ability allows her to make only the poisons listed under the always available list in the Additional Resources entry for Ultimate Equipment. At 10th level, she may also make wyvern poison with this ability. At 12th level, she may also make black lotus and deathblade with this ability. At 14th level, she may also make dragonbile with this ability.
  第84页——The bacchanal skald's fermented fruit counts as a serving of alcohol for the purposes of other abilities that interact with alcohol.
  第95页——Unlike a typical swashbuckler, an arrow champion does not regain panache from critical hits.
  第109页——Characters with the crashing wave style feat chain may benefit from its effects once per round, even if they perform multiple drag or reposition manuevers in the same round.
  第145页——The confusion effect from red bedlam poison lasts until the poison is cured or until its duration ends.
  第188页——The second to last sentence of the precocious companion's perspicacious mind ability should end "It instead gains a +2 bonus to its Intelligence score and at +4 bonus to both its Wisdom and Charisma scores."
  第201页——The mole familiar's damage line says 1-4 damage. This represents 1d1-4—that is, it would require a +4 bonus on its damage roll to deal lethal damage.
  第242页——A hydration backpack does not deliver liquid quickly enough to allow you to consume potions, extracts, mutagens, or other liquids that grant mechanical benefits.
  第243页——A goblin fishing lure may be used on Day Job checks. Roll the 25% chance to lose the lure after receiving its benefits on the Day Job check.
  第244页——A tanner's kit may be used on one Day Job check, after which point its materials are expended.
  第247页——If you purchase a magic plant, you begin each scenario with you have the maximum number of fruits, leaves, seeds, or other plant parts that the plant can produce at any one time, or one day's production if there is no listed maximum. These last for the duration of the scenario. If you transport the plant along with you, it still provides all of the listed benefits during the adventure.
  第251页——A character must wear a coat of mist continuously for 24 hours before he can activate its abilities.

《探索者角色扮演游戏:反派志》(Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Villain Codex)
  第80页——When using the Balor Whip feat, note the following, pulled from the text of a blog from the design team, "If you're using a weapon with the trip special feature, and you're attempting a drag or reposition combat maneuver (Advanced Player's Guide 321-322), you may apply the weapon's bonuses to the roll because trip weapons are also suitable for dragging and repositioning."
  第104页——At 20th level, an oracle with the ascetic mystery gains perfect self, as the 20th-level monk ability from the Core Rulebook.